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After My Last Post Blew Up a Bit, I had some people asking for a guide of how to Market their music. This is my attempt.

2019.03.15 00:26 iamspencerbaird After My Last Post Blew Up a Bit, I had some people asking for a guide of how to Market their music. This is my attempt.

TL DR - Just submit via spotify for artists pre release at least 2 weeks in advance.
Also consult this : https://cymatics.fm/blogs/production/13-places-to-submit-your-music

But anyways, here it goes.

How To Hussle. A Guide. Ok so you have your single. You’ve spent days, weeks, months, (years?) making your song. You are going to self release it. And then what?
Official Spotify Playlists
So this is the only way you can submit to official spotify editorial playlists: through the spotify for artists desktop app. Once you have an artist profile setup on spotify for artists (to do this you will need to release a song on Spotify) you are able to submit PRE-RELEASED music for consideration to official playlists. To do this, set a release date of your next single a few weeks in the future (ideally a month). Once the song is approved for stores it will show up on your spotify for artists page as “upcoming releases” and it will prompt you to submit it. The submission process is extremely straight forward. I think the most crucial part is selecting accurate and relevant genres and moods - as well as having a good concise pitch. (but who the fuck knows). My pitch is this: Short pitch on me as an artist. Short Pitch on previous achievements. Short pitch of the song.
Here is an example for my upcoming single: “[Artists] are gaining steam - with their last release being covered by several HypeM blogs, and having just wrapped up an upcoming official remix for Toronto's HIGHS newest single, NYC (which was debuted on the New Music Canada and Indie All Stars playlists). This current release combines beautiful pianos, dramatic builds with a rhythmic vocal chop and a full drum line, energetic drops with a driving arpeggio, powerful drums and a second climatic future bass drop with massive chords.”
Make reference to anything you can that makes you sound legit, and this is your first song ever, read a fuck ton of blogs and try to make an amazing pitch about ur song using creative writing. Make them want to listen.
User Spotify Playlists
Spotify may have the holy grail of playlists, but you can still gain a significant following from the infinite number of user generate playlists.
DMing Regular People Who Have Popular Playlists
Step 1. Search relevant tags or genres on spotify.
Step 2. Check out the playlists generated by that search. Find popular playlists.
Step 3. After the spotify official playlists look for playlists made by real people. (Eg. John Doe). Find playlists you like and think you would fit into it.
Step 4. Click on that user and take note of their profile picture.
Step 5. Go onto facebook, search the name of the playlister, match the profile picture in order to find the correct person.
Step 6. Send them a nice message and suggest your song. ( The message I send is along the lines "Hey! I came across ur playlist. I really enjoy it. I noticed you have a lot of [genre/artist]. I think you may also enjoy this song. Thanks for the great playlist have a great day!" etc. - Short, Sweet, to the point and polite.)
Note: Many playlists that are run by a collective will also have instagrams or facebooks or submission links in the description so it’s not just John Does you can look for. Also note some people may ask for you to pay to be included in their playlist. This is up to you. You may want to check out their engagement before doing that. I have an entire post on engagement ( ) but tldr take a look at the stats of the playlist. Specifically the songs to followers ratio.
Submithub is a platform where you can submit songs directly to playlisters and blogs. It works on a credit system. You get 2 free credits every 4 hours. (Use it or lose it, you can not save them up). You use those credits to submit to blogs for consideration. The site also offers premium credits which cost roughly 1$ USD per credit. This forces the blog/playlister to respond within 48 hours, listen for 20 seconds and give feedback (or 90 seconds no feedback) or else you are refunded. Submit hub also has a feature called Hot or Not where you rate songs (20 seconds minimum). For every 10 you rate you can submit 5 to be rated. There is a reddit like chart of what is popular. When this feature was first launched it was a great way to get discovered. Not sure if it is still the case as they introduced premium requests which are prioritized so if you only do the free version it takes much longer for your song to get reviewed.
Comments on submithub: many outlets only accept premium credits and new music. So be prompt on your submission and try to submit pre-release starting at least 2 weeks in advance. Also be prepared to get denied. A lot. 132 Submithub submissions - 68 Denials, 57 no response for a track that was added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds and has 85% upvote rate across 100 votes on Hot or Not.
HypeM Blogs
Getting blogged by HypeM blogs can offer a nice boost in engagement, and I’ve heard many playlist curators still use HypeM to find new music. The more blogs that pick up your song / the more hearts you get, the more you trend. If you break the top 10 in popular you will be added to a spotify playlist and soundcloud playlist that have good engagement. You can submit to HypeM blogs via submithub (some require this), their own submission portal or reach out via email.
How to find the blogs to contact? Search artists and songs that are similar to your release and see what blogs covered it. Reach out to those blogs.
Ok but sending dozens of emails is SUPER time consumming. What can I do to streamline? Gmail canned responses.
Canned Reponses (Gmail)
Gmail has a DOPE feature I recently learned that allows you to save templates of emails. Click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner once your template is complete and then save it! Simply hit compose, load the template and you are good to go!
Here is an example:
Subject: [Artist - Song] Feature Request Body: Hi There!
My name is Spencer Baird, from [Artist].
I wanted to reach out to you with a feature request. 'IwantU' is the title track of a debut 8 track EP. Our last release [hyperlinked] gained significant traction and peaked at #5 on the HypeM Popular charts, and we are hoping this single is equally as popular. [Song] opens with warm synth stabs and a deep piano before a cinematic guitar melody builds into a mesmerizing vocal chop. A perfect blend of chill and energy is punctuated with expertly crafted drum work, which has lead us to coin the term ‘Sleepy Banger’.
You can check it out here: [insert link]
If you’re interested in featuring this track on [], you will find a full EPK (Press Photo, Single Album Art, Press Release, Bio, Free Download link, etc) here [insert link]. Feel free to reach me back with any questions or with any other material you might need!
Hope to hear back from you soon!
All the best,
Like the spotify submission, try to grab their attention with some sort of achievement, have a good creative pitch of the song that makes them want to listen, include a link to the song, and then include a link to a dropbox that has all the materials they will need to make a post (bio, press photo, album art, press release, bio, etc.)
I try to send out an email 2 weeks before release with a private link requesting a premier and then a follow up the day of the release with a link to where the song is now live.
Reddit / Instagram / Networking
Not sure how to address this last point. It’s the most just do what you can. But get involved on social media and try to network. Search hashtags and comment on instagram. Go to live events and meet people. Get involved in the feedback forums on WATMM. I have made a ton of connections through social media. Be open. I recently got a DM on instagram that I thought was going to be spam. Turns out it was a dope producer and now we are working on a collab I am super excited about. Same goes for a vocalist that started responding my stories. Ended up chatting it up in the DMs and I sent her a bunch of demos. The bigger you can grow your network the more people that you’ll have to help get your music heard by the right ears.
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