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Looking up 1 cell in two ranges in different worksheets

2019.12.22 21:24 perambulator747 Looking up 1 cell in two ranges in different worksheets

Hi all.
I am trying to find the best function to do the following:
A1 in Sheet 1 has a date. Excel must find the date, in A1, in a range in Sheet 2 and in a range in Sheet 3. If Excel finds that date (in Sheet 2 or Sheet 3), it must return a particular text string. If it doesn't find it, it must return another text string. The date will either be in Sheet 2 or Sheet 3 - it won't be in both, but Excel must try to find it the date in both sheets.
I have access to XMATCH and XLOOKUP, but they're not working well when I am trying to select the "lookup_array" across multiple worksheets. In another application, using XLOOKUP, I am aware that I can select multiple "lookup_array" ranges in multiple worksheets using the concatenation ampersand symbol and that works well.
I think the SWITCH function could work, but trying to nest an XMATCH and XLOOKUP is getting a bit messy.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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